Cedar Lodge - Mildenhall

Client: King's Forrest Housing
DB&P's Services: Building Services Consultant Engineers

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Description of Works: The amalgamation of two associations, Forest Heath District Council and the Flagship Group both with common ideals and agendas, created the need for new office facilities under the re-branded "Kings Forrest Housing".

In consultation with the Project Architect and in accordance with the Client's brief, the concept for a state of the art office was developed to provide a highly energy efficient building within the constraints of a tight budget. The utilisation of natural, recyclable materials (i.e. timber framework and cladding, recycled newspaper used as thermal insulation in the walls and roof), combined with the use a natural daylight, "passive" ventilation systems, evaporative cooling, etc – have made this an extremely "green" building whilst creating, as one staff member cited, "the most enjoyable environment that I have had the pleasure to work in".

The flow of controlled natural ventilation through the building is provided via localised "passivent" systems, with incoming fresh air induced by means of low level louvres and stale air exhausted through high level turrets – the high pitched aspect of the roof assists admirably with this concept.

A degree of free cooling is provided to the offices; two sections of double doors open onto a pool of water which when combined with the flow of natural ventilation through the building, initiates an evaporative cooling process for the benefit of the staff.

The electric underfloor heating system was initially proposed due to it's low capital cost. However, it was deemed equally important that annual running costs be kept to an absolute minimum. In this respect the heating system was divided into:- i) internal "primary ECONOMY 7" heating using the solid concrete floor as a thermal store and, ii) perimeter "secondary ON peak" heating which is predominantly used as a source of supplementary heat during periods of extreme and prolonged cold weather.

The lighting of the building is a clever combination of natural daylight induced through slopping walls of glass shaded by existing trees, with low energy artificial lighting designed to operate via photocells on a needs only basis subject to the actual / measured background lighting levels.


Extent of Mechanical Services:cedar4

• Incoming utilities
• Electric Underfloor Heating
• Natural and Mechanical Ventilation
• Domestic Hot and Cold Water Services
• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities - electrical power / site transformer
• General lighting and emergency lighting
• Electrical small power
• Fire alarm installation
• Door entry, CCTV and security systems
• Lightning protection
• Landscape lighting.