Health Centre - Ravenswood

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Description of Works: The Health Care Centre was constructed to cater for the medical needs of the Ravenswood Neighbourhood Community; with the design ethos concentrating on providing a refreshing, friendly and welcoming atmosphere – utilising as much natural daylight and ventilation as possible.The profile of the building was purposefully designed to acknowledge the heritage of the site with many aspects of the development portraying features of the former airbase. Indeed, the Health Care Centre is located adjacent to the refurbished / former Control Tower (subsequently converted to Luxury Apartments), with the two buildings respectively complementing each other.

From conception to the final construction phase, the Design Team worked closely with the Client's Medical representatives; thus ensuring that all of their technical requirements, aspirations for the building and the environment where duly satisfied.

The design of mechanical and electrical services was particularly important; whilst it was essential that the services complied fully with the relevant Hospital Technical Memorandums, it was considered equally important that the services were not overwhelming and in this respect did not detract from the "Cottage" feel of the Health Care Centre.


Extent of Mechanical Services:

• Incoming utilities – gas and water
• Central gas fired boilers, with a combination of LST radiators, fan convectors and in-floor trench heating
• Mechanical supply and extract ventilation systems (incorporating heat recovery) – respectively zoned to serve Surgery Rooms, Prep Rooms, Consulting Room, Clean/Dirty Utility facilities
• Domestic H&C water services, including the provision of CAT 5 fluid protection to the Prep-Rooms, "dirty" areas and sluices, etc
• Automatic Control Systems.

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities – electrical power / site transformer
• General lighting and emergency lighting
• Electrical small power
• Nurse call / attack alarm systems
• CCTV and security systems
• Fire alarm installation