Rossdale's Veterinary Surgery - Newmarket

Client: Rossdale & Partners / Exning Estates
DB&P's Services: Building Services Consultant Engineers

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Description of Works: Rossdale & Partners are an internationally renowned and respected equine veterinary practice based in Newmarket. The recent construction of the Equine Diagnostic Centre authenticates their continued investment in modern veterinary infrastructures, techniques and technology; thus ensuring that Rossdale & Partners remain at the forefront of veterinary health care within the thoroughbred industry and the wide-world equine population.

The Diagnostic Centre provides unrivalled medical, neonatal and surgical facilities which are housed in state of the art examination rooms, surgeries, video-endoscopic and ultrasonic suites, MRI and CT imaging suites. The magnetic resource imaging (MRI) unit creates a strong magnetic field and radio waves which produce detailed computer images, typically of soft tissue and bone structures within the foot. Similarly, the computed tomography (CT) unit provides high quality images of the skull, nasal passages, sinus cavities, cervical vertebrate, etc. The MRI and CT units, both the first in the world of equine veterinary, allow non-intrusive investigations and diagnosis to be performed with minimal stress to the animal.

The associated mechanical and electrical services have been designed to complement the stringent technical requirements of the Diagnostic Centre, with many of the specialist areas dictating "close control" in terms of room temperature, humidity, air filtration, etc. In this respect the installed services provide a hospital / laboratory type environment with an inherent robustness to the equipment compatible with the size of animals being treated.

Extent of Mechanical Services:

• Incoming utilities – gas and water
• Conventional LPHW heating to the administration / utility areas
• VRF reverse cycle heat pump units – providing heating and "comfort" cooling to the Offices; with additional close control units serving the specialist equine areas
• Mechanical ventilation systems serving the equine areas with dedicated supply AHUs and extract units incorporating heat recovery. Note – cooling to the primary ventilation system is provided via a DX heat pump with the evaporator located in the exhaust system, thus wasted heat is rejected direct to atmosphere whilst eliminating the need for noisy and unsightly external units
• Laboratory "CAT 5" H&C water services
• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities – electrical power / site transformer
• General lighting and emergency lighting
• Electrical small power
• I T equipment including central site server
• UPS / diesel generators
• Door entry, CCTV and security systems
• Lightning protection