Science Block, Art and Drama Block - Comberton Village College

Client: Cambridge County Council
DB&P's Services: Building Services Consultant Engineers

Science Block-Comerton

Description of Works:

Comberton Village College, established 1960, strives to satisfy the educational needs for the local community to the highest possible standards. This fundamental principle remains at the centre of the College's plans for development and growth, with investment carefully controlled to ensure that only the best quality buildings and resources are provided. The Science Block, Art and Drama Block represent the latest in the College's investments – with the buildings deigned to provide excellent teaching facilities in the most energy efficient manner.

In this respect the thermal properties of the building significantly exceed current Building Regulation requirements thus reducing "passive" energy consumption. The entire fabric heating requirements of the building are satisfied via 2No. ground source heat pump units, the units are linked to serve underfloor heating systems which are ideally suited to the operating flow temperature of 45oC. Energy to the ground source heat pumps is derived via a series of 60No. vertical "push" type bore holes each comprising 40mm dia. HDPE tube buried to a depth of 25m – the resultant energy thus extruded being in the region of 80kW.

Natural / passive ventilation is provided to all Classrooms - in principle stale warm air is discharged via high level turrets with fresh air being induced through low level air inlets; the flow of air operates under negative pressure created by the "stack effect" within the building. The amount of incoming air is automatically controlled by monitoring air quality (CO2 levels) and the actual room temperature – the controls subsequently modulate the incoming and exhaust louvers as deemed appropriate.

By utilizing varying types of passive and renewable energy, it is envisaged that the pupils will appreciate and benefit from the 1st hand principles of such renewable technologies.

CombetonExtent of Mechanical Services:

• Incoming utilities – Oil and water supplies

• LPHW Heating – Ground source heat pump unit, supplemented with oil fired condensing boiler plant which provides primary heat to the ventilation systems.

• Domestic H&C water services

• Mixed mode and local extract ventilation

• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities – electrical power supply

• General lighting and emergency lighting

• Electrical small power

• Door entry, CCTV and security systems

• Lightning protection

• Landscape lighting