The Vines Primary School, Cambourne

Client: Cambridge County Council
DB&P's Services: Building Services Consultant Engineers

the vines school-1

Description of Works:

"The Vines", a purpose built inter-church primary school located in the new town of Cambourne, Cambridgeshire. The school which was essentially constructed in 3 phases, also makes provision for a Community Hall and Nursery Unit. The school admirably serves the growing local community and provides state-of-the-art educational facilities for 420 pupils.The aims of the school are linked to the Government's "Every Child Matters" agenda, with an additional spiritual dimension to underline the church's foundation. The inviting and relaxed atmosphere of the school, with much credit given to the open design aspect of the buildings, greatly assists to support this ethos.

Aspects of the Architectural design are in keeping with the sites historical past when it was originally used as an airfield during the 2nd World War; the aerofoil / wing shape roofs to each Classroom provide a unique and stylish statement.

Visual "renewable" elements of the mechanical and electrical services design have been incorporated as an educational tool. Whilst the HWS solar panels, passive-ventilation systems and wind turbine, etc - all contribute in their own right to reduce CO2 emissions and overall energy consumption within the buildings; the design team felt it essential that the pupils should be able to relate with and understand at 1st hand the principles behind renewables technology.

The vinesExtent of Mechanical Services:

• Incoming utilities – gas and water

• LPHW Heating – Central gas fired condensing boiler plant, with a combination of trench heating and LST radiators

• Domestic H&C water services – including HWS solar panels

• Mixed mode and local extract ventilation

• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities – electrical power / site transformer; with supplementary power via the wind turbine

• General lighting and emergency lighting

• Electrical small power

• Door entry, CCTV and security systems

• Lightning protection

• Landscape lighting