Student Accommdation - Leys School, Cambridge


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Description of Works: The Leys is one of England's premier independent schools; set in an idyllic 50-acre campus in the heart of Cambridge. Established in 1875, the school offers a blend of traditional values with a forward-looking approach to education affording young people the ultimate opportunity in which to prepare for the challenges and excitements of university life and beyond. The school is home to over 530 pupils, with the option of either fully co-educational boarding or day school facilities. The school continuously strives to provide the best surrounds in which the pupils live and study; in this respect there is an ambitious programme of refurbishment to ensure that the historical and prestigious buildings are maintained in excellent condition. The most recent refurbishment works include Fen House, home to 65 girls aged 13 to 18 and Granta House, home to 28 Sixth Form girls aged 16 to 18.

The Governors were keen that the buildings should be enhanced to provide a comfortable and homely environment. The thermal properties of the buildings were improved significantly – the aging boilers were replaced with condensing boilers and the single-pipe gravity LPHW heating systems replaced with fully pumped weather compensated circuits. Subsequently, the rooms which have in the past suffered from condensation and underheating problems are now maintained at totally acceptable temperatures.

The energy efficiency of the buildings has also been improved with the introduction of solar panels designed to pre-heat the HWS calorifiers. Careful consideration was given to the location of the panels, both from an aesthetical view point and also in respect of operational efficiency – not an easy task given the historical nature of the buildings but one that serves to prove that modern technology and in particular the "statutory" requirement for renewable forms of energy can be incorporated in all scenarios.

Extent of Mechanical Services:

• Incoming utilities – gas and water4
• Central Plant Room facilities providing LPHW heating to zoned VT radiator circuits.
• Domestic hot and cold water services – with the introduction of CWS break tank and pressure booster set arrangement.
• Supply and extract ventilation systems
• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities - electrical power
• General lighting and emergency lighting
• Electrical small power
• Fire alarm installation
• Door entry, CCTV and security systems
• Lightning protection
• Landscape lighting.