Kodak Laboratories - Unit 332

Client: Kodak plc / Munro Building Services Ltd
DB&P's Services: Building Services Consultant Engineers

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Description of Works: Kodak's Cambridge Research Centre has risen admirably to the challenges created by the transition from the traditional single film format to the multi / diverse alternatives posed by the today's digital equivalents.

The fundamental scientific disciplines behind Kodak's research include:-

• Materials Science - inks, toners, coatings, paper and other media.

• Nano / Micro-Scale Devices - to sense or control light and / or fluids.

• Computational Science - to label, organize, compress and interact with digital data.

With a well deserved reputation for identifying unique scientific and technological opportunities in the digital market, Kodak's new R&D facility located on the Cambridge Science Park is referred to as the "European Research Centre". The purpose built facility, with it's modern laboratories (developed specifically for this category of science), is well situated to benefit from collaborative partnerships forged with Cambridge's leading universities and the highly charged techno-environment that exists on the Science Park.

Extent of Mechanical Services:kodak4

• Laboratory supply / extract ventilation systems

• Laboratory heating and cooling – 4 pipe LPHW and CH WTR fan coil units

• DX reverse cycle heat pump units – providing heating and "comfort" cooling to the Offices / Admin. areas

• Laboratory "CAT 5" H&C water services

• Laboratory gases

• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• General lighting and emergency lighting

• Electrical small power

• Door entry, CCTV and security systems

• Safety control systems

• Data systems