Caldecotte Lakeside Housing Development Milton Keynes

Client: McCann Homes Ltd
DB&P's Services: Building Services Consultant Engineers

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Description of Works:

An imaginative luxury housing development, with two central blocks comprising 54No. two and three bedroom apartments for private sale. Additionally, Windermere House provides 21No. one and two bedroom apartments available for rental.

The main blocks are served from a central Plant Room comprising modular gas fired condensing boilers with LPHW CT heating mains providing the primary heating source to the respective apartments.

Each apartment contains an SAV heat exchange unit which monitors and subsequently apportions the exact amount of heating medium required, either relative to the fabric heat losses or the provision of domestic hot water. The inbuilt differential pressure controls maintain optimum operating conditions within the primary heating mains; which when balanced to provide the exact amount of energy required (at any given time), enables one to apply diversity factor to the overall system capacity. In essence, this means that the overall sizes of boilers, pumps, pipework, etc are significantly reduced; with an equivalent saving in energy consumption

In addition to the correct apportionment of heating medium to each apartment, the SAV heat exchange units are fitted with meters which accurately measure and record the amount of electricity, heat and water consumed, thus facilitating correct billing.


Caldecotte 01a - smlExtent of Mechanical Services:

• Incoming utilities

• LPHW Heating – Central gas fired condensing boiler plant, with district heating mains serving local heat exchange units in each apartment

• Domestic Hot and Cold Water Services

• Local extract and mixed mode ventilation

• Automatic Control Systems

Extent of Electrical Services:

• Incoming utilities

• General lighting and emergency lighting

• Electrical small power

• Door entry, CCTV and security systems

• Lightning protection

• Landscape lighting